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Tercer Mundo 7" (4 copies)

$15.00 / Sold Out

Tercer Mundo from Monterrey, Mexico debut 7". Limited to 4 Copies. Personalized edition.
You know this record, it's cool.

DISCLAIMER - Cintas Pepe is facing some really fucked up economic difficulties due to US dollar going up to the sky and making Mexican peso worthless.
Apart from that the Muerte LP was 7 months delayed due to irresponsible pressing plant policies. Since it was a three label release the US label got it's copies months before us and when we got our LPs the record was everywhere already. Noboy is buyin shit from us now and we are broke as fuck. Sucks to have a label in mexico.
We were saving this spare copies for friends and we are selling them now less than you can find on Discogs. When you buy em you can help us release other stuff we were planning to do before all this.